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Accidents at Work

Health and safety at work has improved dramatically over the years and there are many employers that provide excellent protection for their employees and contractors.

However, some do not – and accidents can happen. This can include things like:

  • Trips, slips and falls (including items falls on to the person)
  • ​Serious injuries to the body and/or head
  • ​Lifting accidents
  • ​Skin injuries and broken bones
  • ​Soft tissue damage and even, very sadly,
  • Fatalities

As well as compensation for the injury itself, you can also claim for loss of earnings, the costs of any rehabilitation and a whole range of other out of pocket expenses that, but for the accident, you wouldn’t have incurred. These can include costs in the past, present and future.

Motorcycling, Cycling or Pedestrian

Accidents involving motorcycles, cycles or pedestrians can range from minor to very serious, including, sadly, fatalities.

Our Solicitors are compassionate people that understand the sensitivities of such events.

They have many years of experience and can help with every aspect of a claim that is not just limited to the award for injury, but for other things, such as rehabilitation, including psychological help, expert care and assistance and all out of pocketing losses for the past, present and/or future.

Claims for Children (And Minors Under 18)

There are special rules for claims for children. And unlike claims for adults, there is no 3 year limitation period for bringing a claim for someone under the age of 18 in England or Wales, so even if it was a few years ago, a claim can still be brought.

Our Solicitors have years of experience and know all about these rules and how to achieve the best outcome for such claims, even it was indeed a few years ago.

Our Solicitors also work with specialist medical experts who will be able to assess the medical impact and needs of the minor.

Trip, Slip or Fall (Including Falling Items)

The circumstances in which people can trip, slip or fall, or an item(s) falling on to a person are numerous.

It could be in any public place, the road, in a supermarket, or other indoor building.

You could have suffered a minor slip or even a very heavy item falling on to you. The needs for each case will be specific.

Wherever it was, and whatever has happened, our Expert Solicitors will know exactly how to deal with it, so you can sit back and let them do what they’re best at knowing that you’re in the best hands.

Hair, Beauty or Cosmetic

With the surge in new and innovative treatments that are available in the modern day, so too has the number of incidents occurring where the treatment hasn’t gone to plan.

It could be a burn from a product that wasn’t patch tested, a scar from a cosmetic treatment or even a cosmetic dental or laser treatment that didn’t go to plan.

After such an event, you will need an Expert Solicitor that has experience of these types of claims, which is where we come in.

Faulty Product

Have you been sold a product, or even just used a product that was faulty and it has caused you injury?   

There can be several avenues to pursue when it comes to claims like this; be it via consumer legislation, occupiers’ liability, employers liability and/or straight up public liability and/or negligence.

Our Solicitors are experts in this field and will be able to give you the best advice and service to help you with any consequences that flow from that injury.

Equine / Horse / Sport

There are far more incidents involving horses, horses and cars, cyclists and/or pedestrians than most people realise.

We have a unique understanding of this field as we’re run by a Solicitor that owns horses.

Accidents can also of course happen in a sporting environment.  In many cases the club or association may have insurance to cover such events.

If you’re in any doubt, make an enquiry with us and on of our No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors will help you as best they can.

It costs nothing to make an enquiry.

Other Claim Types

The list above gives a few examples of the most common types of personal injury claim that we deal with.   

Over the years, our Solicitors have dealt with claims for almost all conceivable types of accident, and will know how to deal with whatever they are faced with, due to their years of experience in this field.

So whatever type of accident you have had, get in touch.

We also deal with some employment law cases.  So if you’ve got a claim enquiry for:

  • Unfair / Constructive Dismissal
  • Unfair Redundancy
  • Discrimination
  • Whistleblowing
  • Equal Pay etc....

We may also be able to help.

Email us at info@porterssolicitors.co.uk and tell us about your issue.

How To Know If You Have A Claim

From a legal point of view, the law imposes certain criteria on various aspects of each claim. The best way to find out if you have a valid claim is to fill out our short form and book a no obligation call with a member of our expert team.

It is for our information only and will enable us to determine whether you should pursue your case or not.

Once you have that knowledge, you can choose to pursue the claim or not.

The initial enquiry process holds absolutely NO OBLIGATION to proceed.

You Have Limited Time To Make Any Claim

Time limits for bringing a claim are restricted and so it is vitally important that if you feel that you want to pursue a claim, you should act immediately.

No Win No Fee – Guaranteed!

When you contact us, our Expert Solicitors will do all the work to identify whether you have a claim.

They’ll deal directly with you and whoever is to blame for your injury, to ensure the best outcome.

Sometimes, people have insurance to cover the costs of bringing these claims without realising it. 

We can do all of the work required to find that out for you.

**Guaranteed No Win No Fee** means that ALL of we offer, in appropriate cases, a No Win, No Fee, No Worries service.

(Fees may apply if you instruct a Solicitor to act for you on a No Win No Fee basis and later fail to cooperate throughout the process and/or provide false or misleading information)

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